DrahtCast is podcast dedicated to the Drahthaar! Join Ben Brettingen as he talks with knowledgable and influential people from across the DD world to help you become a better trainer, handler and hunter!

That’s the corporate version of the story! Here’s me:

I’m Ben Brettingen, and a novice/newbie/grasshopper by all definitions of the word in the DD world. I’m a Yankee from Minnesota, transplanted in the heart of the south, Mississippi and work for Primos Hunting producing Primos’ TRUTH About Hunting.

I was immediately enthralled in the breed soon after getting my first pup Annie (Giselle Vom Dilmunfast), in early 2016. Since then I have been soaking up all the information possible in this wonderful family. At times it is a very daunting and  complex, not to mention German system, and I wanted to share my experiences, learning from the ground up. My goal is to help others grow from my successes & countless failures, and learn from the knowledge of the guests on  DrahtCast.